atteras Island is a very special place for us and we really want to share it with all of our family and friends. We have been spending time on the island since we met; sometimes 5 - 10 visits per year. Hatteras Island is not your typical beach resort town; you will find quaint cafés, beach cottages and a lot of southern hospitality. We would be honored to spend a few days with you enjoying the views, kayaking in the sound, surfing the waves, or just swimming in the pool. Here are some of our recommendations on where to stay.

The Hatteras Cabanas Most Recommended

These pint sized cottages are one room cabanas perfect for a couple or small family with a great rate in May. We took a tour of a few of them and they are all uniquely decorated with a lot of charm. They told us they are available for shorter stays if you give them a ring. Distance from Wedding site: 3.4 miles

Comfort Inn Buxton

We stayed at this Comfort Inn way back in 2006 and had a glorious time! A great option in the heart of the town of Buxton and just a stones throw from our favorite breakfast café. Distance from Wedding site: 7.1 miles

Durant Station Condos

These condos provide a good option for someone looking for a one or two bedroom condo on the beach with wonderful ocean views. They are located next door to the Cabanas and are in close proximity to the wedding venue.Distance from Wedding site: 3.4 miles

Breakwater Inn

Located in the darling little town of Hatteras this hotel comes recommended via other brides who have had their weddings in the area. Located right down the street from the Ocracoke Ferry you can take a quick trip over to the island Blackbeard called home in the 1700s. Distance from Wedding site: 4.8 miles

Cape Pines Motel

This Buxton motel came recommended to us by another bride whose family stayed here and they said it is packed full of personality and Outer Banks charm. Distance from Wedding site: 6.4 miles

Hatteras Realty

If you are interested in getting a group together and getting a house, the folks at Hatteras Realty can help you out. Our wedding venue, The Love Boat, is through them and if you just mention that they will go out of their way to help accommodate you. Distance from Wedding site: various